Some Luser
1337 Luser Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Lame Company
Human Resources
Attn: Hiring Boss

Re: Employment Agreement and Intellectual Property issues

To whom it may concern:

This letter was requested during a telephone conversation with Hiring Boss sometime last week, regarding intellectual property ("IP") possessed by myself prior to my posting here at Lame Company.

I have a technical background, having studied engineering at University and other technical topics elsewhere. I have written and will in the future write software, algorithms, designs, and other technical idea specifications, and have published some of these works, while others remain unpublished. Also I am an author, lecturer, and composer of music. These activities and thought processes have taken place before my stint with Lame Company, will continue while I am employed here, and will continue after I leave said employ.

According to paragraph 3 of the Employment Agreement ("Conflict with Above"), I hereby disclose the above information to Lame Company, and hereby state my intention that none of my private IP shall revert or be assigned to anyone other than myself. My inventions are mine and will remain so in perpetuity. Furthermore, this declaration of my personal IP rights retention is in no way intended or shall be interpreted as covering any IP relating to Lame Company, or any and all duties and work I am requested or required to perform while employed by Lame Company.


Some Luser

Received this Date on behalf of Lame Company

Hiring Boss