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From: Ron Johnson <>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 03:58:04 -0600
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On Wednesday 19 December 2001 11:55 pm, jv wrote:
> Free, ubiquitous wireless access would be the ultimate; I'm getting a
> woody just thinking about it!
> Yes, I'm mad dammit! I'm sick of AOL and XP and ASP and WebTVand
> Smart Tags... let's start building Smart People.
> Who's in?

Not me, until they fix WEP encryption.

P.S. - there were *plenty* of smart people *long* before digital
computers came along. Call me really old fashioned, but let's
start teaching them how to think and read and write cogently,
and do arithmetic first. Then, they'll be smart enough to grok
how hazardous MS is.

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