Re: [Nolug] ram issues?

From: Joey Kelly <>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 19:33:08 +0000
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Try yanking the old ram out, and booting with only the new stuff. Check your
motherboard jumpers, etc. As noted, check the speed of the ram. Check the
motherboard's website for part numbers (I can verify the correct ram for a
particular motherboard, possibly, if you can't find the info). Dump bayou
water on it out of frustration. Whatever.


Thou spake:
>I bought four 32M 72 pin EDO SIMM modules and when I try to install them,
>the system boots and the BIOS detects the memory. I tried booting into
>Linux both with and without the 'mem=128M' line and booting into Windows
>and all failed during the boot process. In Linux I started getting swap
>and filesystem errors. Now the system only recognized 16M of memory (my
>old memory) rather than the proper 48M.
>The online manual for my system said it takes this memory but it doesn't
>seem to work in any combination. The system is a Gateway P5-133XL. Any
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