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From: Joey Kelly <>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 08:03:56 +0000
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Um, since you brought it up, why are you convinced that Network Solutions is
worth $35/year? What value do you perceive that paying them more gets you?

Heh, the reason I ask is because I am an OpenNic (
member, and we have had a number of discussions about this very issue. I'm
interested in what others think about NetSol.

Dave, many local companies try to charge up to $50/mo. for hosting. If you've
only paid $15 monthy, I'd say that was fair. I normally use in
California for $10/mo. for 5MB, so $15 isn't out of line. I don't know much
about directnic (I haven't used them... yet, anyway). That said, now that I
have DSL, I am willing to host low- to medium-traffic sites on my stuff, for

Thou spake:
>On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, Dave Prentice wrote:
>> Joey,
>> My creation website,, has been hosted
>> by a company in Italy for several years, for $14.95 a month. I didn't see
>> a contact phone number for, but it looks like
>> they only charge $15 for a whole year of bannerless hosting. Am I reading
>> it correctly? If so, I guess I've been getting ripped off.
>Is this hosting, or just domain registration? I'm quite unhappy with
>Dotster if that helps any. I'd rather spend the $35 for NetSol. I have
>two domains still with them and about 4 with Dotster, and the extra cash
>is worth it for NetSol....
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