Re: Re: [Nolug] OpenOffice 1.0 and compatibility

From: Charles <>
Date: Sun, 5 May 2002 09:21:18 -0500
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No way. The only thing we have running on XP are a few laptops for testing and
evaluation. All of the other workstations are running 2000 both as the OS and
Office suites.

Charles Jouglard
Cox Louisiana
HSI System Engineer

On Sat, 04 May 2002 09:39:34 -0700, john kosta wrote:
I bet that document was actually generated in Office XP (wouldn't surprise me
if Cox had the newest of every type of software b/c someone told them they
needed it), which is the next version up from Office 2000--I guess would be
Office 2002?

MS stays one step ahead of the compatibility race.


On Sat, 4 May 2002 08:51:25 -0500 Charles <> wrote:

Come on Joey. No one from Cox would do something like that...


On Fri, 3 May 2002 22:19:51 +0000, Joey Kelly wrote:
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> The biggest concern many MS users have had against switching OS is that
>they might not be able to access their old files. Well, as of 5/1,
> released their FREE office suite which is fully
>compatible with all MS Office 2000 formats. Maybe hizzoner might be
>interested in saving the city a few (hundred thousand) bucks.

Actually, it's not 100% compatible. I got a .doc file from Cox yesterday that
had a table and some background shading, and OpenOffice 1.0 couldn't render
the text inside the table cells. WordPerfect 9.0 couldn't either, for that
matter. I will admit that it was an advertising letter for the most part, and
no one should send fluffy stuff like that to someone else if it's in a
business context, anyhow.
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Joey Kelly
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