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Disks are *really* cheap. Unless you are a cheap bastard or need
10TB with the speed that only jillions of 15K RPM 73GB spindles and
a 4Gbps SAN with 64GB cache RAM can give you, no one should use
RAID-5 anymore.

Especially if it's going to be SATA drives. RAID-10 (or is that
RAID 0+1?) is all you should think about.

On 02/15/08 13:40, Dustin Puryear wrote:
> RAID5 is okay so long as you aren't trying to backup a huge number of
> hosts at the same time due to RAID5's inherit performance issues. For a
> small to medium sized network my guess is you would be okay.
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> Chris Jones wrote:
>> We usually use dell so we'll most likely be using a perc with raid5.
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>> You probably want to strongly consider RAIDing your backup machine. I
>> don't have any recent suggestions for what kind of RAID card to use,
>> though.

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