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From: James Thompson <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 08:33:55 -0500
Message-Id: <>

If we want access to a projector I could ask my boss about using one
of our classrooms at the seminary (no way she'd let me borrow a
projector). The school is at 3939 Gentilly Blvd if y'all want to
consider having the next meeting over here.


On May 31, 2009, at 10:45 PM, Simon Dorfman wrote:

> James,
> I'm excited that you're going to do a talk on Ruby on Rails! Are
> you going to do that at the next meeting? Any way to get a video
> projector set up at CC's?
> I'm marking my calendar: June 18th, 6:30pm at CC's Coffee, 701
> Metairie Road, in Metairie right across from Langenstein's
> Supermarket.
> 1.) What scripting or other programming languages do you use
> regularly?
> PHP, some Coldfusion for work lately
> 2.) What are some of the common things you develop with the
> different languages you use?
> simple dynamic navigation menu, wordpress plugins
> 3.) When you develop specifically for the web what sort of things do
> you build?
> i'm interested in doing a flash-based game using flex for the
> frontend and rails for the backend.
> Simon

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