Re: [Nolug] Re: Hate Linux??

From: Petri Laihonen <>
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 10:50:01 -0500
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Mark A. Hershberger wrote:
> "B. Estrade" <> writes:
>> But moreover, I just *love* FreeBSD. There's a quote floating around
>> that says, "FreeBSD is for those who love Unix; Linux is for those who
>> hate Windows."
> I just *love* Linux (especially Debian & Ubuntu), but I agree that many
> Linux users seem to be Windows haters. And many of those people would
> probably be much happier on OS X (which I won't use because I consider
> Apple's control of its platforms worse than Microsoft's control of
> Windows).
> Hate is such a strong emotion, though. Why bother?
> Mark.
I've come to the conclusion over the years, every single desktop system
I've used are imperfect.

None of them do well ALL things I want them to do. Though it is not
practical to have multiple computers for only some tasks in each of they
do well. (I hope this was not too confusing.....) I've used OS X the
least since I find it difficult to use. Stability-wise, every desktop
I've used are equally unstable. For instance, this morning I found my
home computer running linux, had crashed overnight..... and I did not
even have Skype running.... (Skype is known to crash linux boxes from
minutes to days...)

If I would not be working, I would probably run windows. But since I
must work at this point of life, I use Linux. (And very soon my favorite
text editor UltraEdit is out of beta for Linux....... Wohoo...)

Perhaps some day there will be an operating / desktop system which would
combine good things from Windows, Linux, and OS X, etc...


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