Re: [Nolug] This month's topic: firewalls

From: Dustin Puryear <>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 13:56:45 -0500
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At 09:43 PM 10/17/2002 +0900, you wrote:
>I only used ipfw, FreeBSD's packet filter, at FreeBSD 2.x days, but
>I guess current ipfw isn't different so much from 2.x's one. I think
>the firewall section of FreeBSD handbook, ipfw(8) man page and comments
>in /etc/rc.firewall help you.

I've never seen a really in-depth analysis of ipfw. I've seen a lot of work
around ipf and definitely ipchains and iptables under Linux, but not ipfw.
Anyone seen a book devoted to the topic? What about a really good article?
I have a good understanding, and already use it, but this just got me thinking.

Regards, Dustin

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