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Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 17:29:00 -0500
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I have installed RH 8.0 running on an Athlon 1600+ and it work just fine (except that I can no longer access the internet--something about ppp-compress-2 not found), but the speed is good. Installation is easy. If you want to borrow my discs and try it out, let me know. I'll probably be gone Friday and Saturday, back Sunday morning.

From: Edward Melendez <>
Date: 2002/10/31 Thu PM 05:09:11 EST
Subject: [Nolug] suggestions for workstation

I received an older model Gateway computer as a donation for my non-profit and would like to turn it into a workstation for volunteers. It needs to have the ability to work with MS Office documents and since most of these folks will be new to Linux, something that resembles a Windows GUI as much as possible. What distribution is best these days for something like this? I have installed Debian/FreeBSD and Red Hat in the past, but am curios as to what has the easiest installs these days.


Edward Melendez

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