Re: [Nolug] Mac OS X to make an appearance at the next meeting.... maybe.

From: Ron Johnson <>
Date: 04 Nov 2002 12:15:19 -0600
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On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 07:23, the Professor wrote:
> > (YES, OS X will be my platform of choice due to the better hardware)
> This is an interesting comment.
> You see, you must be the only person that holds this opinion. Apple is
> quite upset with Motorola for failing to provide hardware that can keep up
> with Intel. They are so upset that the next version of MacOS is seriously
> being considered for deployment on PC hardware. So, if the hardware is
> better, why is Apple so upset with Motorola? Personally, I agree that the

Well, it runs more efficiently (MIPS/cycle) and lots cooler...

However, yes, Mot is lagging in the GHz department. I've heard,
though, that part of the Power contract between Apple, IBM & Motorola
stipulates that IBMs chips always be a few generations faster than
Mot's chips. My guess is that IBM wanted to protect the RS/6000 from
low-end encroachment.

> software runs much more stably than M$ but that doesn't take much. I think
> that the decision to run on PC hardware comes many moons too late. They
> should have done it a number of years ago.

I wonder if they would use generic mobos, or customized ones with
their own ASICs?

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