Re: [Nolug] Arrogant Linux

From: Ron Johnson <>
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2011 09:44:43 -0600
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On 03/05/2011 09:26 AM, Joey Kelly wrote:
> "Without Debian we are nothing. Debian is the most influential and important
> Linux"
> What a load of horse-hockey. I'm getting extremely tired of the Debian
> community, as it seems to breed nothing but idiots these days. Remember Ice
> Ape? Or the SSH fail?

What about iceape?

> About a year ago, I started converting my Debian boxes to anything but, out of
> spite

My grandmother often made mention of noses and spite.

> (I can't believe I actually thought Debian was a reasonable distro
> choice).
> The original article doesn't brag like that guy, though.

"Influential" and "important" do *not* mean "perfect" or even
"wise". Otherwise the US wouldn't be trillions of dollars in debt.

Anyway, the dpkg/apt/policy infrastructure is just *superior* to RPM.

I prefer banana-flavored energy bars made from tofu.
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