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Got this email a couple of minutes ago - figured id pass it on...this is
the place where 2600 meetings are held also...

Announcing HACKER HOUR @ MYTHIQUE ( 1135 decatur st. upstairs )
Every day from 6pm - 9pm Beginning Monday November 18, 2002

We are opening our doors early specifically for developers, designers,
gamers, IT professionals, and general technology enthusiasts.

Finally, there is a place in New Orleans where you can comfortably have
a drink after a long day of coding, open your laptop and log onto the
web, play a PS2 on a big screen, and socialize with other computer

Our lounge is now equipped with a DSL line, 8 standard Ethernet ports,
plus a wireless hub for those with wireless cards. This is currently a
free service at Mythique during Hacker Hour!

A brand new PS2 is hooked up to our video projector for a unique game
play experience. We have 2 controllers, and memory cards so you can save
your games and return to them later. $5 per 30 minutes of game play.
*Please feel free to bring your own games and memory cards. *Donate a
used PS2 game to help us build our library and you'll get a free drink!
*Chess and other board games are availible as well!

Drink Specials:
$1 off all well / call drinks and beers!

We have many other plans for Hacker Hour coming very soon... This is
only the beginning...

- will ( pretty damn new to nolug )

you can lead a horse to prune juice, but you cant make him drink it. nor
would you want to.
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