Re: [Nolug] You're invited: NOLA Hackathon

From: Mark A. Hershberger <>
Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2011 01:02:43 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Joey Kelly <> writes:

> Is this intended to be wiki-centric? I'd love to hack, but not wiki
> stuff.

It will be mediawiki-centric, yes.

I can post the topics as they get solidified, but some of the ones that
may be of more interest (broader than just wiki-lovers, that is) are:

    * Code review/code standards training
    * Apache logs bug hunt-n-fix sprint
    * OpenStack Swift sprint
    * authorization & authentication, such as OpenID/oAuth

Ryan Lane, a New Orleans native (and new SysAdmin for Wikimedia) has
been doing a lot of stuff with LDAP authentication and OpenStack, and
he'll be there.

That said, if you just want to spend time in the company of other geeks,
this will probably be a great chance as we are bringing core devs from
Europe and other places in the US in. When I went to the Hack-a-thon
that we hosted in D.C. we had people from around the world. It was a
great way to get to know people and make some good contacts.

Oh, and just to give you an example of a wiki project that isn't *just*
about Wikis, there is (twn), which produces translations and
is heavily involved in some larger open source (and non-wiki) projects.
I don't know if Siebrand (the brains behind twn) will be in New Orleans,
but he was in DC and I helped him get set up with providing translations
of iHRIS (, a decidedly
non-wiki application.

A lot of the Wikimedia folks and MediaWiki contributors are heavy free
software users so I feel comfortable inviting everyone on NOLUG, BRLUG,

Really, Joey, don't be scared of the wiki ;)


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