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From: Jerry Wilborn <>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 14:26:49 -0600
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Ouch. So what's the work-around for mobile and/or "Other" OS users?

Jerry Wilborn

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 7:15 PM, Joey Kelly <> wrote:

> As a condition of employment, my company sometimes has me do Sharepoint
> programming. I also get to do other interesting work with Perl, Asterisk
> and random network layers when not otherwise occupied.
> I have been working lately on a request list in Sharepoint for a client,
> and everything worked fine in our tests, so we began rolling out the list
> to the various users of the system. Almost immediately we began seeing
> strange errors, some of which had to do with incomplete Oracle/AD migration
> issues in years past, but those were identified and cleaned up. However,
> for a week we pounded our heads over a series of workflow failures which
> all happened at the approval stage. We discovered quite by accident this
> afternoon what the culprit was. It turns out that when supervisors clicked
> the approval links in Outlook, those who sensibly had set their default
> browser to Firefox, the approval item failed and the workflow errored out.
> Every time.
> Our solution? Ask the approvers to reset their PC's default browser back
> to IE.
> The real solution? If Sharepoint can't work with non-IE browsers,
> Microsoft programmers should have coded a browser-detect and displayed a
> warning stating such.
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