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On 7/10/2012 10:05 PM, Randy Wild wrote:
> In the computer field for 32 years.

I guess I've been "in the field" for 25 years -- if I can count the
program I wrote for my Dad's work when I was 14. That was on a TRS-80,
then ported to GW Basic (

In '96, I took a job with Tulane's EECS department and my boss (Dr.
Mark Benard, specialized in Operating Systems and Security) gave me the
what I think was the first edition of Unix System Administration
Handbook ( Later
editions were not so good according to the reviews.

But mostly, I'm here to echo what Ron said. Even Ubuntu's certification
program (announced in 2006
doesn't look like it is offered any more. The LPI partners are Novell
(SuSE) and CompTIA, not Canonical (

Is there a specific job that you're looking at that lists Ubuntu
Certification? Looking over LPI's "Linux Essentials" course
I think you're better off finding out where other Linux users hang out
and going there.

Even their Exam 101 looks like stuff that people will just assume you
know if you can speak coherently in an interview:

    Candidates should be able to manage the runlevel of the system. This
    objective includes changing to single user mode, shutdown or
    rebooting the system. Candidates should be able to alert users
    before switching run level and properly terminate processes. This
    objective also includes setting the default run level. It also
    includes basic feature knowledge of potential replacements to init.

So, yes. USE linux. Continue to ask questions here. Ask questions in
forums or on IRC. Find someone who writes a blog that seems to be about
the things you're interested in and try to follow along. That will get
you a long ways.

What is normal? Normal is yesterday and last week and
  last month taken together.
                       -- Snuff, Terry Pratchett
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