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KISS. I keep music in this folder structure:

Then using (super spiffy + handy) symbolic links, I "connect" albums to

On 07/10/2012 10:28 PM, Randy Wild wrote:
> One of the reasons I want to switch to Linux-based is I hate Windows and
> #2 I'm tired of getting or dealing with viruses that is messing up my
> music collection. I thought about getting a MAC, but I think with you
> guys here it will be fun and time consuming learning Linux stuff :)
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> On 7/10/2012 11:03 PM, Randy Wild wrote:
>> yes, professional development, although I'm retired now.
>> I'll put Red Hat on another computer.
> Depending on your computer, you may be able to put the same one.
> I'm going to assume (naively since I am only friends with retired men
> and not a retiree myself) that your interest is mostly about continuing
> to learn and possibly helping some organisations you know about or
> friends of yours. If this is the case, then let us know exactly what
> you're interested in and we can probably point you to some good online
> communities.
>> Question: will the skills you learn in Bash Shell in Red Hat be useful
>> for all CLI's such as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, etc?
> Yes. The command line is basically the same on all of those.
> There are some differences between RedHat-based Linux versions and
> Debian-based ones (like Ubuntu and Kubuntu), but you probably won't see
> those differences until you start changing startup programs (update-rc.d
> vs chkconfig) or installing programs (rpm and yum vs dpkg and apt).

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