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Yes, this is a good story, especially as a lesson learned. It is actually
pretty funny if you can view it from a distance.

As explained to me from the storage/hardware group, the blade chasis which
was attached to the SAN had a "bug" that was activated when they changed
security zones for the disks. Take that for what it is worth. All I know
is that the UUID had changed and RH was not able to see the superblocks and
filesystems correctly even after the recovery steps that JH described.
I had started the job 2 months ago but have 10+ years experience in the
DBA/Unix admin role. The storage/hardware group is separate from the
DBA/sysadmin group. I handled the database backups with the expectation
that the storage group was doing their job of filesystem and SAN backups as
was agreed upon. That turned out not to be the case. Our group is now
going to put all the db backups and server filesystems to a $150 1TB
external drive for redundancy backup purposes. So much for all of that
money that was poured into the backup and recovery system of the hardware
group. Worst part is that this was a new system that was suppose to go
live in one week but now is postponed for another month.

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> Wow, good save!
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> The last raw data readers I've used have primarily been on solid-state
> media at FAT filesystems. Get PhotoRec and TestDisk from here:
> PhotoRec will recover data; TestDisk will recover partitions. Both are
> free/open source and run on a variety of platforms. I just re-read the
> details on TestDisk, it may help you locate/rebuild superblocks.
> Good luck, and let us know how you fare.
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