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Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2013 09:08:32 -0700 (PDT)
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I don't think I've ever bought assign app. Thus I don't have a credit card registered. I have dolphin and firefox, but I like/use dolphin the most since it sends out the user agent as desktop... for those pesky sites that won't give you there full featured desktop version... it seems to give me good controls (you can choose from we other default agents or send a custom one) My second is the chrome browser. I use kmail for pop/imail mail (it does some others too) And handsent for sms Picturen (sp) for my gallery Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android Smsbackup+ to save my sms messages and call log online I just use google, but it works with any imap server Without rooting the phone, you can install umsigned/untrusted apps (some might not work right or install without rooting) just go into your settings to allow downloading the untrusted apps Rooting the phone I have not done, but I've seen great things done. There are tools and stuff : I ping, trace port scan nets all the time (in an app). I look at all wifi nets, there channels, and dB all the time. There are done text apps, but I've never had fun using them with the screen keyboard.  Some of those while free push the shareware or a paid app (or a key) or do ad's. Just evaluate what you want I guess its a matter of who. You trust with what. We have red phone, Skype, voip apps (sip or not), video apps, and you can use this party phone masking (just who do you use I know vonage does extensions, google does voice, and you can probably get others,to work) But if you want off the grid open source, and look for apps not via the store, you may get frustrated without rooting. As you'll find what you want only to find out it wont work right without the 'approval',   for "privacy, security, safety"
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