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From: Joey Kelly <>
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 23:21:59 +0000
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>> I agree, but there needs to be targeted audiences first - small business
>> IT managers, CS majors, etc. Advertising to the general populace and
>> campus community is futile at best.

Good point. I want to market linux to all of these groups. Someone mentioned
talking to the CS community at UNO again. Andew?

>I think that this discussion is getting constructive. I think a charter
>is a good idea. What kind of population are we trying to serve?
>Desktop users like me that want to get into system administration? IT
>managers? video game jockeys? educators?

All of these.

> What kind of qualifications
>do we have inside the group of people on this list, and who would be
>willing to do what? I know that everyone is willing to help problem
>solve as evidenced by this list.

This is exactly what I'd like to see happen.

>I think that we need to go at this in a couple of ways.
>First, if we clearly state our qualifications (who can do what, and more
>importantly, who has spare time to do these things.) We will then know
>more about the resources we have on hand and if we even want to take
>this beyond what it is.

Like, say, a resource pool? More on this later....

>Second, I think we should look into perhaps having several meetings a
>month, perhaps a once a week meet at a coffee shop or bar to meet and
>greet and banter, and a more structured informational type meeting with
>a program and any administrative duties maybe once or twice a month.

This has possibilities. Scott?


>Fifth, do we have a contact list? I know that we could get in touch
>through the list, but does anyone have lists of phone numbers or
>websites? Is there a designated contact person for newbies to get
>information about meetings?

I smell a database. Perhaps the new site can have this functionality.


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