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This looks like some that would be effective:

--- Dustin Puryear <> wrote:
> At 11:23 PM 2/23/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> > >Does the group have a mission statement or some other charter-like
> > >document, or is its direction dictated by which direction the linux
> > >winds happen to be blowing? If not, I think it would help provide some
> > >focus on exactly what the group is intended to accomplish regularly.
> >
> >BRLUG is more organized than we are, and if overkill is more your style, the
> >guys in Gulfport/Mobile is definitely that.
> The Baton Rouge Linux User Group ( is organized using
> the Benevolent Dictator model, but in general we do things using voting.
> Until we get pretty big I don't see a real advantage to creating a
> President, VP, and Secretary positions. What I would like to see in Baton
> Rouge is a type of steering committee that helps plan agendas and focus the
> group.
> >Do we have a charter? Not that I'm aware of. Scott and Hunter set up nolug to
> >be a casual affair. While a little organization certainly couldn't hurt,
> >frankly I'd rather not see officers, committees, elections, and all that.
> Just create a nice little mission statement. It helps focus your ideas and
> let's people know what you are trying to do. Here is ours:
> The Baton Rouge Linux User Group's (BRLUG) mission is to advocate the use
> of Linux both in the home and the enterprise, to support the existing base
> of Linux users in the city of Baton Rouge, and to have a great time. In
> addition, we encourage our members to use the LUG as a platform for forming
> both non-profit and for-profit organizations to better establish Linux
> within the community. As such, we welcome both business and hobbyists
> discussions at our meetings and on our mailing list.
> >I've been thinking about this for a little bit before sending this post. I'm
> >not fond of the "Roberts Rules of Order" crowd, and will fight that kind of
> >organization at nolug tooth and nail. What I would like to see, and would be
> >more in keeping with nolug's historically laid-back, casual atmosphere, is
> >the formation of ad-hoc working groups, composed of those who are
> >willing/interested/experienced (pick any of these) to get together to work on
> >whatever projects we can come up with. This could help us get stuff
> >accomplished, while keeping things informal. I'd rather see someone helping
> >out on a project out of an interest in learning more about the technologies
> >needed for a particular project than to have someone on a project because
> >they were appointed to it by some committee.
> Good idea.
> > >How big is BRLUG? Also, how are they structured?
> Not too large. We have around 140 people on our lists, and our
> Clickers/newbie meetings probably have around twenty to twenty-five
> attendees each month. In addition, we meet at Perks once a month, but that
> usually has a low turn-out.
> >Perhaps we could work something out. BRLUG has a newbies meeting every week,
> >with the more epxerienced crowd getting together maybe only once per month.
> The newbies meeting is only once a month.
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