Re: Re: [Nolug] Can't disable BIOS Guardian

Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 18:12:09 -0400
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I'm on the Westbank (Algiers Point, 3 blocks from the ferry). I don't hold you responsible for the breakdown, but I'll accept any help I can get! Address is 418 Pelican Ave., #A. Directions on request.

From: Joey Kelly <>
Date: 2003/06/02 Mon PM 12:40:36 EDT
Subject: Re: Re: [Nolug] Can't disable BIOS Guardian

Where do you live? If you're on the southshore, I'm willing to go out and fix
it, since I'm the guy that told you to do that.

Arrgh, I didn't mean to break it, honest!


Thou spake:
>No, in 19 years of working with PCs I have never had to reset a BIOS before.
> I had gotten as far as loking for a jumper to short but hadn't thought of
> the battery yet. Sounded like a good idea, but now the monitor says "No
> signal input" and the computer keeps repeating one long beep, which leads
> me to think the mobo is shot. Do you have any other ideas? Thanks both to
> Joey and Andy Johnson.
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>From: Joey Kelly <>
>Date: 2003/06/02 Mon AM 08:00:56 EDT
>Subject: Re: [Nolug] Can't disable BIOS Guardian
>Dunno if you've done thisi before or not, so forgive if I sound like I'm
>talking down to you...
>Unplug the computer and remove the case (or a panel on the side, I don't
> know what kind of case you've got). On the motherboard, look for a battery,
> like the kind in watches or cameras, only perhaps a little bigger. Pop it
> out, wait a couple of minutes, then put it back in, plug the PC back in,
> and turn it on. Go into the BIOS settings and you should find that
> everything is set to defaults. Make your changes, then save them. If you've
> gotten this far, you should be ok. You might have to tweak the settings a
> bit more, but that's about all.
>Thou spake:
>>On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 10:58, wrote:
>>> When I brought my friend's PC back from Pass Christian to get
>>> the e-mail access working after upgrading to RH9, as soon as I
>>> tried to boot it here I got a message about having to disable
>>> BIOS Guardian before making any BIOS config changes. But I never
>>> enabled BIOS Guardian! It was booting fine in MS, but now when
>>> it gets to that message it freezes and the only way to start it
>>> again is to reboot. But it still won't go beyond that point. HD
>>> books in another computer. Could the motherboard have been damaged
>>> riding in the car? I had it in the front passenger seat with the
>>> seat belt around it. It's an FIC AD-11 and not more than a year
>>> old. Is there a fix for this or will I have to replace the mobo?
>>So there's no way to bet into the BIOS setup program? What about
>>resetting the BIOS?

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