Re: [Nolug] Political organisation

From: Michael Flora <>
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 07:43:46 -0700 (PDT)
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"Gentlemen, please! You can't fight in here! This is
the War Room!" -- Dr. Strangelove


"Moses was told by Jesus Christ to lead the people of
Egypt into the Sahaira Desert. The Book of Exodus
describes this trip and the amazing things that
happened on it, including the Ten Commandments,
various special effects, and the building of the Suez
Canal." -- from an actual college paper quoted in
_Non Campus Mentis_

--- Dave Prentice <> wrote:
> From me (Dave P.)
> >Y'all,
> >Consider yourselves warned that if we continue this
> thread I'm going
> to have to get Biblical and talk about
> >one-world government and the antichrist system.
> From Ron:
> >> >Please restrain yourself, or take it off-list.
> From me:
> >>Ron,
> >> The idea is that ALL this should be off-list.
> I thought NOLUG
> was supposed to be Linux-related.
> From Ron:
> >It was my understanding that it was a
> general-purpose list for
> members of NOLUG, and thus everything is fair
> >game unless subscribants ask that a thread be taken
> off-list.
> >If I'm wrong, Im sure we'd all like to know the
> rules.
> ------------------------------------------------
> Ron,
> Let's say we allow discussion of politics from
> several
> philosophical standpoints on-list. In that case how
> can we say that
> other philosophical standpoints, i.e. religious
> views, must be kept
> off-list? If some philosophies are fair game for
> on-list discussion,
> all should be. If some are excluded, all should be.
> In this thread I keep hearing people's ideas
> about politics and
> government from a secular perspective. I've held my
> peace so far.
> Since I don't want to unsubscribe, it's automatic
> that as a list
> member I will hear others' points of view. However,
> I would then
> expect that my point of view would be listened to
> also. So if you guys
> want to continue discussing politics and government
> on-list, then
> don't get judgemental and ask that others' views be
> kept off-list.
> Fair is fair.
> Dave Prentice
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