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From: Scott Harney <scotth_at_scottharney.com>
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 22:24:59 -0500
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Note: If you do not want to read any more about this subject, feel free to
skip this message. that's probably the most important guideline of all for
any reader of any discussion forum ;)

Here is a simple guideline regarding posting on this list. First of all,
think before you post. Are you really adding signal or noise to the list?
Second, if you were a brand new linux user and you were looking for some
advice/information, would your post do that? Think about a newcomer just
getting the thread of this weekend as their first several postings. Even
if iit were all meant as light repartee, it _looked_ to a casual observer like
far more ire was involved. After all, what inspires more passion than
politics or religion? That's not pleasant, or welcoming. I'd like to think
the overall tenor of this list is pleasant and welcoming to all who=
participate as well as lurk.

I have been among the first to defend the members of this list running off on
tangents and having a little fun. I can't define for you when a thread has
gotten out of hand, but I know it when I see it. ;) I use the above=
"newcomer test" as one of my primary guidelines. While long time listers
expect noise and that is perfectly normal in the life of any healthy
discussion list, others many not have that same understanding. It's
sometimes a delicate balance.

Just remember that this is, after all, a Linux user's group. It's pretty
simple, really. And yes, for many of us, the mere act of using Linux may
have political and ethical implications. Fine. That is well worth discussing
of course. But do keep it peaceful. Even in this microcosm,
there is a wide diversity of opinions.

And no. I am not accusing anyone of anything specific. But apparently a
statement needs to be made. So this is my official statement as one founder
of NOLUG and manager of the DNS and website for nolug.org. That's about as
official as any of us are willing to get.

p.s. please do NOT respond to this message on list. I have deliberately set
my reply-to to my personal email address. (though the list software may
strip that) I'm really begging you folks here on this. If you REALLY want a
place to discuss list administritivia, I'll post a story on the website and a
corresponding poll and it can all be discussed there.

(not sure how that last one got so ugly/garbled)

Scott Harney <scotth@scottharney.com>
"...and one script to rule them all."
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