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Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 11:29:15 -0400
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I find myself looking gat this from a customer service standpoint and from that standpoint you're looking at an 80/20 situation. I mean, really, how many of Cox's customers even know what a port is, let alone which ones do what; and then for them to see the potential impact of a change like this is an impossible stretch. Of course there are going to be people on this list who don't like port filtering. But remember, for most people, “Plain Vanilla” is fine.
Most of Cox's customers (especially in New Orleans) probably do little more than check email and gawk at porn. That's a good environment to initiate a vicious spam cycle. If you can’t educate the user then you have to restrict them. Port filtering is going to improve most of Cox’s customer’s experiences on a day to day basis because they won’t notice the limitation and won’t get as much spam.

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> From: Tim Kelley <>
> Date: 2003/06/10 Tue PM 07:34:27 EDT
> To:, "Pietu" <>
> Subject: Re: [Nolug] Cox's idea about fighting spam
> On Tuesday 10 June 2003 5:57 pm, Pietu wrote:
> > I just received a "friendly" e-mail from Cox cable.
> > Their latest idea for fighting spam is to block all traffic to 3rd
> > party e-mail servers.
> >
> > Naturally since I'm only a paying customer, they don't have to think
> > that I might want to send e-mails too. So far the only reliable
> > e-mail server I had was my own server in Texas.
> >
> > I wonder when they start blocking ssh also, since tunneling through
> > ssh seems to be the only way for me to continue e-mailing anything.
> Cox is basically stupid, arrogant, and organizationally incompetent; you
> can expect to be treated accordingly. The various DSL providers are
> far less obtrusive and seem to have far fewer problems - much more
> friendly to linux users. Go with the small companies; the typical
> megacorp ISP sucks rocks.
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