[Nolug] A quick note from a guy on another LUG list..

From: Dustin Puryear <dpuryear_at_usa.net>
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 01:18:50 -0500
Message-Id: <>

I was about to unsubscribe from this list just now when I thought I would
try this email first.

I am the coordinator for the Baton Rouge Linux User Group
(http://www.brlug.net), and like Scott and Joey here I watch over the lists
at brlug.net. Every once in a while someone at brlug.net will get so wildly
off-topic, and so annoying about a specific thread, that I have to step in
a stop it. (I tend to be more forceful than Scott or Joey. You should
appreciate that of them.) This happens maybe twice a year. All in all
though our lists tend to be pretty damn good. We go through loud and quiet
periods just like everyone, but in general our threads are consistent and
helpful, and everyone realizes that people on the list want to talk about
the topics directly concerning the group. They join other lists to talk
about other topics.

My point here is that the topics here need to at least be vaguely on-topic.
That means you should try to keep your messages related to Linux, UNIX,
maybe some Windows and ISPs, and geeky technology. (Hey, a little Cox
bashing is fun because they are the Big Hooha around here. This would be
similar to bashing Ford or GMC on a car list.) It's healthy for topics to
stray, and the occasional political discussion will come up (DMCA anyone?).
But there are times when it becomes obvious that people are trying to push
an agenda. This often occurs when a liberal begins arguing with a
conservative or vice versa, most if not all religious discussions (sorry,
it's just a fact of life on that one), or whatever.

Another issue that often affects a list is that someone takes a post way
too personally. This is just a list for goodness sake. Don't take it so
personally. The real problem with email is that you can't see the sender's
face. Someone may send a response to the list that can be taken harshly,
but if you were to have the exact same conversation person-to-person you
would in no way be offended.

I am not a moderator here. I have no control over this list. However, I am
taking some pains to say that some of the people on this list need to chill
out and stop taking everything so seriously. Let's just talk about the
NOLUG, Linux, FreeBSD, and cool geeky stuff.

Rules to live by:

1. Stay moderately on-topic.
2. If you stray for a bit that's okay, but don't let a thread stray for
more than a day or so.
3. Try to keep topics that evoke high levels of emotions and disagreement
(i.e., religion and whether eggs are better scrambled or fried) just off
the list, period.
4. Don't take anything personally. Chill out. It's just email people.
5. If you do get offended then don't write a response for two days (you
know, count to 10?). If you are still offended write the response off-list.
6. If you have a problem with how someone is writing to the list, or feel
that you were indeed personally attacked, take it to the list owners! The
list is no place for this stuff.

Please don't try to convince me that so and so topic was justified,
meaningful in some profound way, or both. I don't care.

Let's just keep the peace, be happy, and talk about open source! Woohoo!

Dustin Puryear <dustin@puryear-it.com>
Puryear Information Technology
Windows, UNIX, and IT Consulting
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