Re: [Nolug] Why i believe PHP is out to get me.

From: Bart Pittari <>
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 14:30:52 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Don't know if this will help, but: wrote:

>Hi list,...
> Ive got this streak im trying to break. I figured perhaps someone here could
>help me out.
>Every time i get into a unix/linux project,.. i hit a wall and give up. Usually
>that wall is PHP. I have never ever ever gotten it to work. Ive tried a billion
>times on a billion different projects but i always end up giving up because of
>PHP. Ive followed walk throughs for a snort/acid box on at least 7 different
>flavors of linux (and BSD). I have even bought every book on PHP with a chapter
>dedicated to installation. But ive never gotten one totally up and running, and
>usually just give up after a couple weeks of fiddling with it.
>Now im working on a mail server which includes squrilmail. And guess what,..
>built PHP from source and cant get it to work with apache. Im on over 2 weeks
>of playing with it, recompilng with different configure options to no avail.
>For the life of me i just cant get PHP to work. (actually php works, just not
>with apache. if i run php -v from prompt i get response.)
>I dont want to throw in the towel again and walk away from this project. I want
>to get it working, but im at a loss. Is there anybody out there with a little
>spare time to lend me a hand?
>The Particulars
>Apache 2.0.53 (From Ports)
>PHP 4.3.11(configured --enable-track-vars --enable-force-cgi-redirect
>--with-gettext --with-mysql)
>the problem
>To configure apache to use php i have to tell it where is (in
>httpd.conf). I dont have a file anywhere on the computer.
>Just to give you an example of why i am loosing my hair. Take the Find command.
>#man find
>find -name [filename] yadda yadda yadda
>#find -name
>find: illegal option -n
>find: illegal option -a
>find: illegal option -m
>find: illegal option -e
>This is about the time i started yelling profanities at the computer and
>threatened to cut the power cord. Computers dont respond well to threats,..
>Since then i learned about the Locate command,.. still dont know why they left
>in the man pages for Find if it dosent work anyway.
>Ive been working with linux//unix for over 10 years,.. and im still a horrible
>Anyway,.. is there anyone who would lend a hand to help lower my blood preasure?
>Save another young man from premature baldness.
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