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From: Chris Jones <techmaster_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 18:43:28 -0500
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I work for a local tech company called F1. We have a very disperse range of
clients, from healthcare to restaurant businesses, accounting firms,
engineering firms, etc... We do computer/network consulting, server and
workstation installs, colocated server hosting, setting up of routers,
firewalls, switches, VPN's, etc... We are the local vendor for a major
point of sale system as well. We're primarily a Windows shop, and we do a
lot of AD work, Exchange servers, stuff like that. Lately, we've been
getting more and more into Linux stuff as well, through some pushing on my
part. :) We're fairly small, and rather than having departments with very
specialized functions, we pretty much all get the opportunity to get our
feet wet in just about every area that you can imagine. Rather than doing
the same boring thing day in and day out, this company can be very fun to
work for. We're all good friends, and we've got a great team going. One of
our guys is just about to graduate from college, and got a job offer he
couldn't pass up, so we need to get somebody to replace him fairly quickly,
hopefully before he leaves us next week. The environment is very laid back,
and the work is very rewarding. If you would like to apply to work with us,
let me know. The owners of the company are very open for a new hire, and
will consider anybody if the fit is right, but they're saying they'd love to
get somebody who is very strong in Exchange. Anyways, if you're interested,
let me know, send me a resume, or whatever...and I'll put you in touch!

Chris Jones

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