Re: [Nolug] world ends, MySQL bought by SUN

From: Ron Johnson <>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 07:21:36 -0600
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On 01/16/08 22:43, Jeremy (mailing list box) wrote:
> Jerry Rushe wrote:
>> Pray-tell,
>> When has any smaller company been *absorbed* by a larger corporation
>> and the result been anything but ending in tears for the layman?
> Yeah, my favorite example is Digital being bought by Compaq... And

Except that DEC was anything but a "smaller" company.

> then Compaq being bought by HP. Sealed the fate of Tru64, VMS and the
> Alpha platform (which I will still argue is better than anything
> available today, except maybe the newest Power series processors from IBM).

But they run *really* hot, and development stopped when it was at

Fortunately for me, many of the engineers fled to AMD.

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