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Rants and Other Technical Writings
Rant Descriptions
Quick-and-easy VPN using SSH
This how-to gives step-by-step instructions for setting up a VPN using only ssh, suitable for roaming users or remotes offices.
Sharing a CD-ROM via NFS
Tutorial that tells now to share a CD-ROM using NFS. Useful if you have to mount a CD on a box that doesn't have a CD drive installed.
Scratch Pad
I put up a scratch pad (it's a wiki) for my random usage. If I come up with anything noteworthy I'll probably move it to the rants page.
Security Talk Outline
Notes from a rant about computer security I gave at one of our nolug meetings.
Sendmail and SpamAssassin Proxy for Lotus Notes/Domino
I had a project at a former job where we wanted to filter incoming mail for spam. The site was running Lotus Notes/Domino. I came up with a solution, detailed in ascii art, where I proxied incoming mail using sendmail and SpamAssassin, along with fetchmail and procmail.
VNC and SSH Howto
Here is a paper targeting newbies I've been working on that shows step-by-step how to use SSH and VNC to connect to a windows PC behind a firewall from a remote computer. The document is currently in wordperfect format. Once I complete it, I will repost it in HTML. The grammar is a little weird right now (I switch from second to third person about halfway through). Ugh.
openSuSE RAID1 Step-by-step Installation
Here's a long-winded handholding tutorial I wrote for a friend recently,
Joey's Home LAN
A very old diagram of my LAN at home. Obviously things have changed a bit since I drew the diagram, but perhaps someone can gain a little insight from it on how to set up a network.
Potato Head
What can I say? I was goofing around with some KDE program and drew a potato head figure :-/
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