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There' several types (so naturally, I may miss yours)

There's graphic overlays for behind-the-scenes DOS functions. There's
DB overlays in Clarion & dBase (same function, only in a database).
There's cell animation overlays in the Disney animation software (like
the old paper method). To which do you refer?


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On Tuesday 18 December 2001 11:28 am, wrote:
> Heh, I do too have a mac -- I took my bonus from my last job and got
> a powerbook. Grr. Unfortunately that was before they came out with
> the combo DVD/CDRW drives. Still, I do have a box running OSX, which
> I have been using pretty much exclusively for a few weeks now, for
> compsci assignments and general stuff.

CompSci on a Mac??? Wow. We only needed an XT. (And half the
excersises could be done on my KayPro 2X.) You should have seen
an AT chomp thru our (Turbo Pascal 3.0) assignments...

Trivia question: Does anyone here (besides Joey) know what an
overlay is?

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