[Nolug] Let's make a deal

From: Dave Prentice <dprentice_at_uno.edu>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 21:17:53 -0600
Message-id: <01c1ca3d$a9ca2e60$d1591e89@prentda>

Hey y'all,
    I have two big ole printers taking up space in my classroom. One is an
HP Laserjet III si, and the other is a Laserjet 4si. Both are high capacity,
probably about 10k pages per month and also capable of duplex. (I bought
three 2-ream paper cassettes for the two machines but have never used them).
The IIIsi has only a token ring NIC built in, no serial or parallel port.
I've never fooled with it at all. The 4si has a builtin JetDirect ethernet
NIC. The latter can be set to any static IP address you want, but since our
system only allows DHCP it's useless in any other classroom (and unwanted in
    Is anybody interested in working out some sort of swap for goodies?
Dave Prentice

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