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From: Dave Prentice <>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 06:37:55 -0600
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P.S. Even complete systems would be nice, if they're P166 or better.
Dave Prentice

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Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 10:58 PM
Subject: RE: [Nolug] Let's make a deal

>What kind of goodies are you looking for? I'm definitely interested.
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>Subject: [Nolug] Let's make a deal
>Hey y'all,
> I have two big ole printers taking up space in my classroom. One is
>HP Laserjet III si, and the other is a Laserjet 4si. Both are high
>probably about 10k pages per month and also capable of duplex. (I bought
>three 2-ream paper cassettes for the two machines but have never used
>The IIIsi has only a token ring NIC built in, no serial or parallel
>I've never fooled with it at all. The 4si has a builtin JetDirect
>NIC. The latter can be set to any static IP address you want, but since
>system only allows DHCP it's useless in any other classroom (and
>unwanted in
> Is anybody interested in working out some sort of swap for goodies?
>Dave Prentice
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