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From: Joey Kelly <>
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2009 11:00:32 -0600
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On Fri December 4 2009 10:32 am, Shannon Roddy wrote:
> > But what is the effective difference?  How many of those “jillion”
> > things do you actually do in the NOLA metro area?
> Well, speaking for myself, I only go to N.O. when it is time to visit
> family or take care of family obligations. *But*, an hour from N.O. I
> regularly do lots of things I would not be able to dream of in NY
> City. Including target shooting in my back yard, flying a private
> plane without having to go through hours of ATC, etc. The list is
> pretty endless of what I would not be able to do in NY. ;-)

o/~ Green acres is the place for me! o/~

We moved into the country when I was ten, and the city promptly followed us.
I'd give up a lot to be back in the woods.


Joey Kelly
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