[Nolug] Time to add some diversity to this list. Dadgummit!

From: Ben Bullard <benbullard79_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 19:53:32 -0500
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After joining this list some months ago and noting with some humor it's
recent explosion of activity thought it time to say hello. By diversity
I mean that I'm not an IT person or student. I'm a printing pressman of
some years who uses/prefers Linux rather than the magical wonders of
Redmond. That being said I don't give a crap what anyone else uses. I do
give a crap that users have a choice. I grew up in Mississippi [Jackson]
of parents both of whom were born in Mississippi [many generations, DAR,
SAR and so forth]. Lived most of my life in Denver area but moved back
here in Jan. '09 because this is where, or close to where, my family
lives. Couple of years of college but most training and education is
through family, work, continuing education, and on the job or resources
provided by the job. Oh, yes, and most importantly UOHK.

FWIW one brother in Miss. is a died in the wool Ubuntu user. Other
brother here in NOLA is openSuSE/Windows XP user. I'm Fedora, and
Mandriva user but do have openSuSE partitions currently as well. Started
LInux with Fedora Core 3. Tried Ubuntu and Kubuntu [and a ton of others
at one time] but just prefer Fedora and/or Mandriva. Most every one else
in the family doesn't know or care that there is anything other than
Windows or Apple. Dear Old Dad had a very original Macintosh and other
Apple boxes as time went by. Did Graphic Design on Apples till blindness
and old age caught up to him.

Bet Y'all can't wait to see what stupid questions a stinking Printing
Pressman can ask on a list like this...

Ben Bullard
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