Re: [Nolug] Nolug on G+?

From: Ron Johnson <>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 11:40:46 -0500
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On 08/13/2012 08:25 AM, B. Estrade wrote:
> I thought about this because I see these tech boom articles about New
> Orleans, but it seems like they don't know there has been a *nix
> presence in NOLA for *years. I thought under this right might could
> use some sunlight.

Presence is one thing, but the size of that presence is another matter.

> BRLUG has a FB page and it's locked down well. I do like G+ for
> technical people.

How much traffic does it get?

> I'm just trying to suggest some ways to get noticed and take some
> credit for the "boom" - unless there is none to be created. I could be
> wrong.
> Being a curmudgeon serves no one well 100% of the time, and if I
> could think of a good reason to have FB or G+ at this point, it's because
> perhaps it will be free of said surliness.

I hate to say it, but LUGs just aren't that necessary anymore since (a)
h/w support and auto-configuration got Good Enough that distros just
automagically install on everything except very old or very odd h/w, and
(b) there's so much online documentation and examples all of the CLI tools.

If adults of legally sound mind must be told what foods they
are not allowed to buy, then those people are not competent
to choose (i.e. vote for) their own leaders.
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