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From: Scott Harney <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 23:27:59 -0500
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On Tuesday 10 June 2003 11:04 pm, Charles Jouglard wrote:
> Before this turns into a political or bashing thread, please feel free to
> email or call me directly to discuss these types of issues.

Like I said, if you know of some appropriate places to send these sorts of
letters, please let us know. One forum I know of for sure is . I know many higher ups at my former
employer monitored the Charter forums there. I'd be surprised if Cox didn't
do the same.

If this policy does indeed go into place, I will write up a letter and send it
to you and a few other venues I may have with Cox. I was seriously
considering other services such as telco with cox but suffice it to say I'm
rethinking that idea.

My main beef with this is the same beef I had when Charter talked about
filtering inbound ports (which they do in many markets though not yet in LA
-- that will likely change). I actually showed them that while we had plenty
of customers with port 80 listening, the overal inbound traffic on port 80
was less than 1% of ALL inbound traffic over a 24 hour period (netflow is my
friend). similarly how much outbound 25 traffic is there really that does
not go to smtp.* And how hard is it to track down offenders?
I always found the filtering to be a cop-out decision made by non-technical

And of course it alienates and important part of your customer base. The
techies who know better. (and several who think they do, but anyway...)

> The only reason we don't support Linux on customer's workstations is there
> are just too many different flavors out there.

No one seriously expects this. It's not even remotely reasonable. I always
took the approach of: no we don't support it but we know it works because I
and several of my employees use it. I might even give em a URL or two.

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