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You and I are in the minority, then. Most geek-parents think it's
*great* to have kids mousing around at 2yo, and most (all?) "muggle-
parents" (especially those sending kids to private/parochial schools)
brainlessly think their kids will be doomed to burger flipping if
their nose-miners aren't mousing around in pre-K.

Well, I waited till my oldest (7) was 5 before I gave her her first
Yes, first, as in she now has a newer PC. Anyway, I have encouraged her
enthusiasm with computers.
I have given her advanced opertunities to learn by utilizing overpriced
educational software (bought on sale).
AND if it makes any difference, I'm setting up a linux box that I'll let her
'play' with if she is intrested.

BTW she was never a nose-picker, but she was a mouse-clicker Pbbbbbth!

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