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> > >>We've succeeded in keeping PC, TV, phone out, but then, they're
> > >>not in 1st grade yet....
> > I do believe that the vast amount of information that is available
> > today and the ways we are bombarded with it on a daily basis have
> > shortened the attention span of everyone. We have TV's in every
> > room of the house, the car, phone's in every room(even the
> > bathroom), no one thinks to leave home without their cell phone
> > anymore, PDA's that are always connected, email on your phone, PDA,
> > watch, everybody wants you to install a little box on your desktop
> > that will give you the weather, stock quotes, breaking news, on the
> > 24 hour news channel there are tickers on the bottom of the screen,
> > the top of the screen, text boxes next to the talking head, ITS TOO
> > MUCH INFORMATION!!! You can't focus on one thing for more that a
> > few seconds without something else distracting you.

The task is to learn to say "no".

Turn off your cell phone (or, at least, be a Caller-ID Nazi), sell
your PDA, and say no to the people (including yourself) who want
news tickers on their PCs.

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