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Ron Johnson <> writes:

>> Related to the study you mention, a more extensive study found that
>> for every hour of TV a child watched on average every day, they were
>> 10% more likely to develop ADD. Which, I suppose, means that if a
>> child watches 10 hours of TV a day on average, they have a likelihood
>> of 100% of developing ADD.
> Do you remember where you saw that study?

This study was all over the place in April. Here is one copy of the

At the end, they include a statement from the assistant director for
research at Sesame Workshop saying "We do not ignore this research",
BUT they want to know if the content of what is watched matters or if
watching with a parent matters.

People /want/ to believe that "educational" TV is better for a
child. They /want/ to believe that by sitting the child in front of
the TV for an hour, they are doing him some good.

In fact, the study didn't keep track of what the children watched,
just how much TV they watched. I'm sure that the parents
participating in the study made sure that their children watched
extra doses of educational TV.

Lots of studies have been done to confirm what we want to believe
about educational TV. Study after study shows that children who
watch educational TV are better off than children who watch sitcoms.

Educational TV does teach your child: it teaches them how to watch TV.


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