Re: [Nolug] mount fd0

From: Alex McKenzie <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 19:12:15 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Brad Bendily wrote:
> I have a Suse box with ReiserFS partitions that I setup as an internet
> kiosk station. I mounted the /home partition separately than root.
> After a few power outages I lost the /home partition. root was in tact
> but not /home. I had run the rebuild commands on it, and it
> seemed to save the data in those lost+found dirs, but it was all
> random names and info, there was no way for me to use the data.
> I had backups so
> it wasn't that big a deal, but I thought reiser would have been
> able to survive a few power outtages.
> This was with Suse 9.0. So I assume the reiserFS was fairly
> recent.
> Just my .02 about reiserfs.

Sorry to hear that. I've had the opposite experience. I've been
running rs on both my laptop and desktop for a couple of years now, both
have experienced more than their fair share of power outages, and nary a
problem. I had 2 disasters with ext on RH7 back in those days, so I was
happy to switch to something else. Of course, now that I write this, my
luck will certainly change :P

Alex McKenzie
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