[Nolug] Debian and ATI Radeon 9200

From: Friedrich Gurtler <fgurtler_at_tulane.edu>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 11:00:22 -0500
Message-ID: <4107CD96.2070907@tulane.edu>


Pretty noobish here, so bear with me. I cut out most of the spam from
these commands so you can just see what I did.

I am trying to get my ATI Radeon and Debian to play nicely together. I
downloaded the ATI driver, and converted the rpm to a deb.

# alien -d fglrx-4.3.0-3.9.0.i386.rpm
# dpkg --force-overwrite -i fglrx-glc22_4.2.0-4.2_i386.deb

Now it seems that the RPM post-install scripts are not carried over,
judging from the output when I cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/fglrx.postinst

So I ducked into /lib/modules/fglrx, chmod +x ./make_install and ran
it. It told me that I didnt build the module and to go into build_mod
and do that. So I went to build_mod and chmod +x make.sh and ran it.
It complained about not having kernel sources. I didnt have them
downloaded. =X

# uname -r
#apt-cache search kernel-source | grep 2.4.25
kernel-patch-debian-2.4.25 - Debian patches to Linux 2.4.25
kernel-source-2.4.25 - Linux kernel source for version 2.4.25 with
Debian patches
#apt-get install kernel-source-2.4.25
# cd /usr/src
# tar xvfj kernel-source-2.4.25.tar.bz2
# ln -s kernel-source-2.4.25 /usr/src/linux

I then went back and tried to run the build script. It complained about
the version.h again. Gah. I cursed it a bit, and then ran make. I hit
enter a lot to skip through all the configuration questions -- probably
bad, I never have compiled a kernel before. I then ran the build script
again. It complained that kernel 2.4.25 was different from
2.4.25-1-386. So I went into the makefile and set the EXTRAVERSION =
-1-386, then ran make clean and make. I went back to build and tried
it. It appeared to work, but running the ./make_install script gave me

Tailored kernel module for fglrx not present in your system.
You must go to /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod subdir
and execute './make.sh' to build a fully customed kernel module.
Afterwards go to /lib/modules/fglrx and run './make_install.sh'
in order to install the module into your kernel's module repository.
(see readme.txt for more details.)

So obviously it didnt like the fake kernel that I sorta built. How do I
obtain the exact kernel source from debian for my release? =/

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