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Figured I'd pass this along to you guys.

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Subject: Novell NewsLetter: ZENworks 7 Advanced Technical Training coming to
Baton Rouge, Dec 11th!!!
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Go to the following URL for the latest Seminar schedule and Registration

Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management ATT in Baton Rouge, LA on December
11-14, Register NOW!!!
Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management ATT class includes new information
about ZENworks Asset Management inventory, deploying ZENworks on Linux
servers, and managing the new ZENworks 7 Linux environment. The ATT Novell
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management 4 day course targets any individual looking to
use Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management to its fullest potential. This may
include customers that are deploying Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management,
customers that have been using a previous version of ZENworks for Desktops
and want to upgrade, customers that have recently implemented the Novell
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management product, and systems integrators and
consultants that have to deploy the Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management
Please contact Mr. Tyler Olsen with any questions at 801.861.9420 or
URL to register:

Grow Your Services Business with Virtuas: Most flexible and user-friendly
open source application stack on the market
Choosing the right open source software is a major decision for any
organization. Equally important is the selection of an open source service
provider on which you can depend. Virtuas Open Source Solutions is the
premier provider of enterprise-level support, consulting, development and
training services for the Apache Geronimo open source application server and
other widely adopted open source software such as Apache Tomcat, Spring,
Hibernate and AppFuse.
Virtuas is pleased to partner with Novell to offer the most flexible and
user-friendly open source application stack on the market, based on Apache
Geronimo on SuSE Linux. Virtuas provides the most comprehensive suite of
Apache Geronimo services in the industry, which are tailored to meet the
specific needs of each organization.
Join Novell and Virtuas for a Web seminar focused on helping you select the
right level of services and support to maximize the use of open source
software such as Apache Geronimo on SuSE Linux. At this seminar, you'll
* How Virtuas and Novell have partnered together to offer comprehensive open
source middleware solutions for your organizations
* How Virtuas can provide services to make your open source
How Virtuas has certified Apache Geronimo on SuSE Linux 10
How Virtuas can create a custom enablement program to address your open
source needs
Date: Thursday, November 2, 2006 Time: 11 AM EDT
All attendees will automatically be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card.
Register Today http://www.novell.com/linux/marketstart/seminars/

Healthcare: Single Sign-on... The First Step Toward an Identity Management
Solution Web Seminar
For most healthcare professionals, the plague of multiple passwords and
time-consuming logins not only inhibits workflow and complicates compliance,
it also costs time and money and could present security risks. Novell Single
Sign-on for Healthcare eliminates these challenges by giving clinicians fast
access while maintaining security. The result? More time for providing
quality healthcare.
November 2, 2pm EST/1pm CST
Register at: www.novell.com/singlesignonforhealthcare (Invitation attached)

Security and Identity: Identity Management for the Enterprise Web Seminar
Hosted by Xtalks, invite your customers and prospects to hear Nancy
Callahan, CPCU, Vice President, Identity Theft and Fraud Division AIG,
Michael Miller, Associate Director, Senior Risk Manager, Barclays Capital
and Simon Vining of Novell discuss strategically planning identity
management procedures and policies to mitigate identity theft and protect
your human and information assets.
November 7, 11am - 1pm, Register now @

Check out the Novell Seminar website for the latest events in Louisiana and
Novell Event Registration Site: http://register.novell.com/gmc/

For the latest Novell News, check out the Novell Press Room:
Get a FREE subscription of Novell Connection Magazine:
www.novell.com/connectionmagazine or www.ncmag.com IT'S GREAT!
Also, subscribe to technews, Novell's most widely distributed news letter
for product updates: http://www.novell.com/info/technews

Success Story: Idaho Power Company
Idaho Power Company moved to SUSE(r) Linux Enterprise Server on an IBM*
mainframe to improve performance and take advantage of virtualization.
Consolidating servers has dramatically reduced hardware, software and
administration costs.
Idaho Power Company, a subsidiary of IDACORP, Inc., is involved in the
generation, purchase, transmission, distribution and sale of electric energy
in a 24,000 square mile area in southern Idaho and eastern Oregon. Among the
lowest cost per kilowatt of all national providers, the company serves a
growing population of approximately 883,000 people. For an energy provider,
keeping systems available at all times is critical, particularly when
responding to power outages. Idaho Power Company was concerned about the
reliability of its legacy servers and began exploring the advantages of
moving to a mainframe environment for greater operational efficiency.
With an objective of proficient fiscal management, Idaho Power has continued
to seek improvements to its IT infrastructure. In an ongoing effort to
optimize its infrastructure and contain costs, the company saw the potential
hardware and software savings by using virtualization in a Linux* mainframe

Linux more accessible by Bill Bennett
Novell hopes its SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED) will tempt everyday
computer owners to abandon Windows and switch to a newer, cheaper and
supposedly better alternative.
The operating system goes a long way to achieving this goal. For some people
it may go all the way. For others it falls short, but probably not by much.
If you work for a larger company where professional support people are on
hand, switching might be relatively painless.
Moving to any version of Linux is likely to be harder in small businesses
and homes where there's no resident expert. Once installed, SLED is
impressive. It has a clean, eye-catching look complete with visual effects,
animations and transparencies. You can set up multiple desktops and then
switch between them with a rotating 3D cube - it's fair to say this is a
flashy and cool feature rather than a serious productivity aid.

Novell First to Integrate All Aspects of Access Management with the Release
of Novell Access Manager 3
Single solution provides organizations seamless, secure access across
extended enterprise of customers, partners and employees
Novell announced the worldwide availability of Novell(R) Access Manager 3,
its next-generation access management solution. Novell Access Manager 3 is a
single access management solution that protects both Web and enterprise
applications and helps organizations enhance user productivity, streamline
administration, increase security, and ensure compliance. "Organizations can
improve security, simplify the user experience, and relieve administrative
burden with Web access management (WAM) systems," noted Mark Diodati,
identity and privacy analyst with the Burton Group. "WAM systems are all
but essential for organizations with high value, heterogeneous Web
applications and Web single sign-on needs." Novell Access Manager 3
provides a single solution for enterprise security and access control that
combines Web single sign-on and seamless remote access. This release now
fully integrates standards-based identity federation, enabling customers to
securely share identity information across organizational and technical
boundaries. Moreover, Novell Access Manager 3 features an innovative
approach to simplify federation deployments by dynamically translating
between identity federation standards, including Liberty Alliance and
Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). Novell Access Manager 3 also
features an integrated, clientless Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private
Network (SSLVPN) to enable seamless access control and role-based
authorization to back-end applications. It also incorporates enhancements
for multi-factor authentication, data encryption, fine-grained access,
role-based access control and scalable enforcement of enterprise-wide access
polices. More information on Novell's solutions for security and identity
can be found at http://www.novell.com/solutions/securityandidentity.

Novell Product Announcement: Standard and Priority Support for SUSE Linux
Enterprise Server for x86, for AMD64(r) &
Intel(r) EM64T(r) , for Intel(r) Itanium(r) Processor Family, for IBM(r) POWER
Standard and Priority Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for x86, for
AMD64(r) & Intel(r) EM64T(r) , for Intel(r) Itanium(r) Processor
Family, for IBM(r)
POWER(TM) Novell is pleased to announce the availability of Standard and
Priority Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 for x86, for AMD64(r) &
Intel(r) EM64T(r) , for Intel(r) Itanium(r) Processor Family, for IBM(r) POWER.
By including technical support and training with its award winning SUSE(r)
Linux Enterprise Server distribution, Novell partners can now deliver a
comprehensive Linux solution to their small and medium sized customers,
designed to make it easier than ever for them to leverage the power of
enterprise Linux. The following two support levels plus training will be
* Standard. Provides 12x5 telephone and electronic access to technical
support engineers, with a maximum response time of 4 hours. Currently
includes the SUSE(r) Linux Fundamentals Training Kit 3071.
* Priority. Provides 24x7 telephone and electronic access to technical
support engineers, with a maximum response time of 1 hour and 4 hours
respectively. Includes the SUSE(r) Linux Fundamentals Training Kit 3071.
Note: Novell has the only offering on the market that includes an advanced
self-study training kit, which is an incredible value to the customer.

Novell Product Announcement: Upgrading to Novell Open Enterprise Server for
NetWare (Course 3083 v1)
Novell is pleased to announce the availability of Novell' Open Enterprise
Server for NetWare (Course 3083 v1) to all customers worldwide.
This course is designed to provide hands-on experience using Open Enterprise
Server (OES) features that illustrate how OES lowers an enterprise's total
cost of ownership (TCO), elevates administrator and end-user productivity,
and enhances business
productivity. Attendees will learn to upgrade or migrate an existing server
to OES NetWare, install a new OES NetWare server and learn how to perform
tasks such as: manage Novell Modular Authentication Services (NMAS), use OES
NetWare directory and server management tools, implement and manage Novell
Storage Services (NSS) and implement Archive and Versioning
Services. Novell customers who already have a degree of experience with
prior versions of this course.

Integrated Stack for SUSE Linux Enterprise bundles File and Print Server and
Database and Application Server for Windows Environments for IBM System x
and BladeCenter
Novell is pleased to announce the availability of Integrated Stack for SUSE
Linux Enterprise, a software bundle for File and Print serving and Web
Application and Database serving for IBM System x and BladeCenter servers to
all customers worldwide.
An IBM and Novell solution bundle for File and Print serving and Database
and Application serving for Windows environments, based on Integrated Stack
for SUSE Linux Enterprise for IBM System x and BladeCenter servers. Users
can use the stack for File and Print serving and/or Web/Application/Database
serving. During installation, a machine can also be setup for application
development. In addition to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, the solution
bundle includes IBM DB2 Express-C database and IBM WebSphere Application
Server Community Edition at no license charge to support Database and
Application Server workloads. Support for Integrated Stack for SUSE Linux
Enterprise is available through IBM and Novell. The Integrated Stack for
SUSE Linux Enterprise also includes Centeris Likewise. Centeris Likewise
allows SUSE Linux Enterprise-based servers to be seamlessly integrated into
existing Microsoft Windows and Active Directory environments. Support for
Centeris Likewise is available through Centeris.

New Offers promotions and recent releases, check out all of the details at
the following URL: http://www.novell.com/news/new_offers.html

The current schedule is posted at www.novell.com/registernow If you have
questions, please contact:
Ms. Giselle Armour, Area Training Associate for Southeast, Novell Worldwide
Training Services garmour@novell.com or 801.861.4316.
Training Locator: Trying to locate a training session on Linux or other
solution? Visit the Novell Training Locator. Search for a specific course,
in a specific city, starting on a specific date so you can stay current on
the latest Novell technology.
You can also REQUEST classes. In order to do this we have put together a
web page where you can rank the top 5 courses you would like to attend.
You can find training specific to your region/area by following the links
And all ATT training worldwide can be found at www.novell.com/registernow

FREE LINUX TRAINING: We now have free self-study content available for both
the Novell user and the Linux user.

Novell Introduces Portable Training for SUSE Linux Enterprise
Welcome to hands-on First Class training on the new SUSE Linux Enterprise 10
family of products. Reserve your seat in the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 First
Class cabin today! www.novell.com/news/press/item.jsp?id=971&geoFilter=US

FREE NetWare to Linux Training For Customers and Partners!!!
To help NetWare customers transition their skills to Linux, we are offering
20 hours of free online training. This training addresses the needs of those
who are proficient on NetWare and want to know how to perform the same tasks
on Linux. A great opportunity for you to feel more comfortable with Linux
as a platform for delivering Novell services.
The training modules can be accessed at www.novell.com/netwaretolinux.

Novell offering free NetWare to OES training!!!
"The course consists of Web-based self-study modules that will take the
student through the process of transitioning NetWare skills to Open
Enterprise Server Linux equivalent tasks. Students will be presented with
common tasks and skills in NetWare and learn how to accomplish the same
tasks and skills on Open Enterprise Server Linux. Capabilities cover the
introduction to Open Enterprise Server features, deployment options, file
storage, print and web services, administration, and configuration. Multiple
lab exercises are used to enable students to practically apply course
concepts and reinforce proficiency with the Novell services."
The course consists of 10 modules that all in all, take an estimated 20
hours to complete. The modules are:
  * 1 - Introduction to Linux
  * 2 - Linux Fundamentals
  * 3 -Introduction to Open Enterprise Server Features and Services
  * 4 - Install Open Enterprise Server Linux
  * 5 - Administer Linux
  * 6 - Manage the Network
  * 7 - Use Server Management Tools
  * 8 - Manage The File System
  * 9 - Monitor the Operating System
  * 10 - Creating a Linux Training Plan
For more details: http://www.networkworld.com/nlnovell16875

Baton Rouge, LA
Training at LSU, for information please contact Kristy Anthony. Her phone
number is 225-578-3313, email is kanthony@doce.lsu.edu. Please refer to
their website at: www.outreach.lsu.edu

New Orleans, LA
Training at New Horizons, to register call Chris Delgadillo, 504-849-6600 or
email him at chris.delgadillo@newhorizons.com
Latest Novell Training Schedule:

Shreveport, LA
Training at New Horizons, to register call Bill Grant at (318) 424-3866 ext
6. or you can email him at Bill.Grant@newhorizons.com.

Jackson, MS
Training at New Horizons, to register call Michael Lee at (601) 914-5023 or
you can email him at michael@nhjackson.com
Location Information: New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, 1855 Lakeland
Drive, Suite R-101, Jackson, MS 39216
You can view their Training calendar at http://www.nhjackson.com

Attention: Self-Study Kits are Now Available Directly from Novell


Tom Gilmore, Novell Client Manager, 225.677.8838 (office),
509.479.7680 (fax)

Laura L. McAlister, Novell Territory Executive, 615.790.1204 (ofc),
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Mrs. Sharon Green, Novell Inside Account Manager, 801.861.9133 (ofc),
801.861.5683 (fax)

Mr. Brandon Russell, Novell ISR, 801.861.7408, brussell1@novell.com

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