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From: Scott Harney <>
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 09:49:22 -0600
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"Clint M. Sand" <> writes:

> I think rather than trying to organize meetings like this, everyone's
> time is a lot better spent working on promoting the list, and making the
> monthly meetings more of an event.

I definitely and wholeheartedly agree.

> Here me out, but I've never seen flyers around town, in any geek spots,
> coffee shops, computer stores etc.. that have promoted the fact that
> there is a lug here. There is, in fact, even a "hackers hour" at a bar in

yep. We need flyers. Accessible on the site. Users can download, print,
and write the info on them. Or I could try and have the info plugged in
From the calendar with the presentation topic.

> while now ( I recently resubcribed when i noticed someone actually did
> something with That opinion is that the list is more of an
> informal group of friends who also happen to use linux, than any sort
> of professional group with meetings of any in-depth content. Not to mention

Professional. no. In-depth content would definitely be nice. That
said, presenting the organization in a professional manner *is*
important. The number one way to do that is via the meetings. A good
presentation on an interesting topic makes a world of difference.

And guest speakers would be wonderful. If you know someone who can
speak on a related subject, give advance notice and we'll publicize it
on the site. you guys would need to publicize it "on the street

> the fact that there's still no mention of what the meeting speakers
> will be talking about on the site, hence the marketing of the list to
> potential contributers is extremely lacking.

Actually there is. the calendar. hover over the entry for the
meeting or click on it. You will see the details of the upcoming
meeting listed there. If you have a suggestion on how to make that more
visible, I'll listen.

> Sorry for the long email on this. But to me, i'd rather have one monthly
> gathering thats bigger and better, than several dissorganized informal
> ones. I have friends in other cities who tell me about their lug events,
> and its amazing, they get guest speakers from out of state, they hold
> installfests, and market themselves to the IT workers in their town. I
> would even be willing to pay due's to list for this sort of thing.

yep. agreed. Anyone know where we can hold an installfest in, say,
August? Anyone know how we might publicize that event? Anyone want
to contact vendors and get CDs and paraphenalia for our installfest?
It's that easy folks.

> I hope no one thinks i'm being too critical, i'm really not. I know as a
> community, its all up to us so, i'm somewhat hypocritical for
> criticiging things, yet not stepping up to the plate and helping myself.

Well. yeah kinda.

> I have a full time consulting job, and i'm in 3 bands that tour and
> release cd's, as well as a family, so i know how busy we can all get.
> But if i knew there was more of an interest in making the list a more
> professional endevor, I might be more willing to devote some time to it.

Here's the deal. I host the website. I will continue to post content
announce events, and make things look active. I'll participate in the
list. I'll get books for you guys to review. Due to a conflict, I
can no longer make meetings if they're scheduled on Thursday evenings. That
may change at some point, but I'm doubting it. I don't expect you all to
change the meeting night because of me and we do have a room reserved.

We absolutely need individuals who care to present meetings in an
organized and vibrant fashion. Present a topic on something you woud
like to hear about. We should encourage folks to bring their boxes to
meetings to be checked out, worked on etc. We need individuals to
post flyers in places like Borders to announce our existence. We need
individuals to submit content -- articles, FAQ questions, etc to the

An organized meeting would look something like this:
1) start on time at 7:30. presenter (or joey) introduces the meeting,
quiets folks down, Goes around the room and gets everyone to announce
their name and something about themselves. Doing this sets a tone and makes
it feel like a real meeting. 10 minutes max
2) perhaps a short 20 minute topic. A tip and trick kinda thing. Easy
new user stuff.
3) 30-45 minutes. formal topic presentation. something in depth.
We've done several things on samba. On networking issues. etc. In April,
if war doesn't prevent him, Brett will do his freebsd topic demonstrating
install through a usable desktop. The time frame includes time for questions
at the end of the topic.
4) 10+ minutes. wrap up. hand out flyer samples for next month. Get folks
pinned down to put those flyers in particular locations. Announce next topic
if known. Get suggestions for topics. All this should be posted to the
list following the meeting. Users can ask individual questions at the end
or get help with their pc's.

p.s. I'm aware of the display bug in the member list module. As soon
as I can find a fix, I'll announce it here.

Scott Harney<>
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