Re: [Nolug] Cox's idea about fighting spam

From: Scott Harney <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 23:18:42 -0500
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> 1. Your response above sounds alot like a threat. My advice to you is:
> do not threaten anyone or say anything that sounds like a threat -- in
> cyberspace or real space. If you don't like people to speak their minds
> about IT issues or you take these comments personally, then that's your
> problem -- not our problem -- not the list's problem -- not NOLUG's
> problem. You are clearing trying to censor certain voices. You are
(massive snip)

Censorship would imply that Charles has some sort of control over list content
or membership.

I'm not sure what your post had to do with the technical issues involved and
it struck me that you have a personal bone to pick with cox. I'm annoyed as
hell at the policy but this lengthy ramble of yours was , frankly, a little

The policy, by the way, is in place. I can no longer directly telnet to port
25 on any host on the internet other than

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