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> > We've succeeded in keeping PC, TV, phone out, but then, they're
> > not in 1st grade yet....
> >
> Good for you, I'm convinced that the TV+PC are the leading cause of ADD
> in kids. I think computers should be a part of education, but not early
> education. IANAD.

This brings up a good point about too much technology. I was listening to a
news program (either WJBO or WRKF here in Baton Rouge) and they were
discussing ADD and ADHD and its causes. There had been a study done that
indicated a strong link between morning cartoons and an inability for
children to pay attention in class. The thoughts were that morning cartoons
tended to train young children to constantly change their focus and to
become used to only needing short spans. Compare that with children
reading a book or playing a sport, where they focus their attention for an
extended amount of time.

I haven't heard of a similar study on children and PCs. I actually think
that PCs may be beneficial. In my experience most people using a PC do a
single task for a long time (e.g., the Internet, homework) rather than
constantly task-switching. Then again, who stays on the same website for
more than a few minutes?

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